iLink for Oracle Sales Cloud and Google Tasks

Synchronize Google Tasks with Sales Cloud

Automatically Synchronise your Sales Cloud Tasks with your Google Tasks.

Many Options available:

  • Master Tasks in Sales Cloud with edit only access in Google.
  • Master Tasks in Sales Cloud with read-only access in Google.
  • Allow Users to add Sales Cloud tasks directly in Google.

The decision is yours.

iLink Synchronization for Sales Cloud Tasks and Google Tasks

iLink Accelerator provides for easy access to Sales Cloud Tasks from Context Menu.

Your tasks Only 1-click away

Our very own iLink Accelerators deliver User Tasks in a powerful easy access menu. Simply right-click and manage Your Tasks

Complete tasks with a single click right from the Menu

Launch a Task in a CRM session for editing and management

Edit Tasks without having to open the CRM or Google.

Dedicated Google Task List

iLink Creates a Dedicated Google Task List specifically for synchronising with Sales Cloud.

The Task List name is fully configurable through the iLink Admin Portal

Synchonisation runs on a timed basis down to every 10 minutes.

Completed Google Tasks are marked as Complete in Sales Cloud

iLink Maintains a dedicated Google Task List for Synchyronization with Sales Cloud Tasks

Task Filters can be used to control the scope of iLink Task Synchronization

More control with Task Filters

Task Filters allow you to control which Sales Cloud Tasks are synchronised with a user's Google Task List. Example Filters could be:

Only Synchronise Tasks where Type = TODO

Only Synchronise Tasks that are linked to an Opportunity Record

iLink for Oracle Sales Cloud and Google Tasks Videos

Oracle Sales Cloud and Google Tasks in Sync

More Control with Task Filters

Dedicated Task List