iLink for Oracle Sales Cloud and Gmail

Oracle Sales Cloud inside Gmail

iLink Embeds Oracle Sales Cloud right inside your Gmail session.

iLink delivers a host of CRM functions without having to leave Gmail. Search, Add/Update Records, Log Emails...

We have multiple tools and options from single user Chrome Extensions through to enterprise-wide Gmail gadgets.

Gmail Integration to Oracle Sales Cloud

Search Oracle Sales Cloud from inside Gmail

Powerful CRM Search

iLinks' powerful out-of-the-box searches ensure you find your Records, fast.

Auto Search on any opened email Message.

Quick launch links allow you to quickly find Sales Cloud records and launch them with a single click.

With iLink custom searches, Any searchable Field or Record in Sales Cloud can be configured for searching.

Single click Email Logging

Add emails to Sales Cloud with a single-click

Automated search and linking logic ensure optimum efficiency.

Email details added as Sales Cloud Activity with Full Email body stored as Rich Text Note.

Optional Attachment Logging to upload attachments or whole email to Sales Cloud.

Gmail Single Click Email Logging to Oracle Sales Cloud

iLink Configurable Layouts for orchestrating Sales Cloud and Google Data

Configurable Layouts

iLink provides a set of standard record layouts.

All Layouts can be configured to ensure the data your users want is available. All Sales Cloud records are available including Custom Objects.

Multiple Layouts can be delivered to users by their role.

Quick links allow users to navigate to Sales Cloud records with a single click.

Add, Update CRM Records

iStream business processes allow you to Add new records from Gmail.

Add Activities, Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities or Custom Objects through simple business processes.

Deploy simple processes to non-crm users through Gmail - for example, Lead Registration.

iLink Configurable Layouts for orchestrating Sales Cloud and Google Data

iLink Configurable Layouts for orchestrating Sales Cloud and Google Data

Gmail Synchronization

With Gmail Synchronization - iLink can automatically log your emails to Sales Cloud.

Automatic linking of emails can be based on pre-set rules or Sales Cloud Search.

Email processing can be based on all emails, email match criteria or labels.

iLink for Oracle Sales Cloud and Gmail Videos

Gmail - Sales Cloud Search

Gmail - Sales Cloud Email Logging

Gmail - Sales Cloud Synchronization

Add & Update Sales Cloud Data