iLink Service


- Our product uses OAuth for user authentication with Google GSuite. We never have access to passwords.


- Data in transit is encrypted via SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
- Sensitive data stored is encrypted using an AES 256 cipher.

Data We Collect

- User profile information (email address, etc.)
- OAuth refresh tokens (encrypted)
- Sales Cloud configuration information including time zone, name

Access to Systems

- All interaction between iLink and third-party platforms (e.g. Oracle Sales Cloud, Google) occurs over a secure HTTPS connection.
- We host our systems on industry-leading cloud infrastructure services including Microsoft Azure.

Incident Response and Remediation

- We monitor our systems 24/7/365 with various performance measurement and error-checking tools.
- Should a security incident occur, we will notify affected users of the nature and extent of the breach, and take steps to minimize any damage. There have been no security incidents to date.

Data Confidentiality

- Cloudtrio does not rent, sell, trade or disclose your Personal Information to third parties without your consent.
- Access to customer data by Cloudtrio employees is limited based on the need to access such data (e.g. to resolve a customer support ticket).
- When requested, we will destroy a user’s account, removing all customer data associated with that account.


- We may disclose personally identifiable information under special circumstances, such as to comply with subpoenas or if your actions violate the Terms of Service.

Email Search

- When you open or compose an email message, we search for the sender’s or recipient’s email address in Oracle Sales Cloud and return information about the Lead or Contact. All communication between your browser and our servers is protected by the same level of SSL encryption that banks use for online banking services.

Email Sync

- When you save/sync an email to Oracle Sales Cloud, the email is encrypted and sent to our servers where we search Oracle Sales Cloud for matching Contact(s) and then save it into Oracle Sales Cloud related to the right Contact(s). We do not store the email.

Email Attachments

- If you enable our attachments feature, you can save attachments from Gmail, to Oracle Sales Cloud. We never save file attachments to our server.

Calendar Sync

- Calendar Sync keeps your Google calendars in sync with Oracle Sales Cloud. In order to keep everything straight, we store the event IDs for each calendar and a Hash of the attendee emails for each event so that we can sync attendees.


This statement applies to personal information collected by

Personal information:

It is our usual practice to collect personal information directly from you. Sometimes we collect personal information from a third party if you have consented or would reasonably expect us to collect the information in this way, for example from publicly available sources such as websites or telephone directory.

We do not collect personal information about you if you only browse this website.


We only use your personal information for the purposes for which you give it to us and for related, internal management purposes.

We do not give information about you to other government agencies, organisations or anyone else unless one of the following applies:
  • you have consented
  • you'd expect us to or we have told you we will
  • it is required or authorised by law
  • it will prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to somebody's life or health
  • the disclosure is reasonably necessary for law enforcement.
We analyse non-identifiable website traffic data to improve our services.