iLink iStreams for Oracle CRM On Demand and Google Apps

Quick start with Standard iStreams

iLink has a set of standard iStreams for you to choose from. Standard iStreams have been configured for CRM On Demand out-of-the-box.

Popular Standard iStreams include Add New Contact, Add New Lead, Log Service Request, Log Call and Add New Opportunity

Choose some or all Standard iStreams and we will enable for your chosen users.

iLink Standard iStreams

Define Your Own iStreams

Standard iStreams don't always provide the functions that your users need. Custom iStreams provide full flexibility to meet your requirements.

Add searches on any record or field in CRM On Demand.

Add or update standard records or your custom objects and fields

Display the fields that you want on your iLink record layouts.

iLink Custom iStreams

Manage iStream Access

iStreams are backed up with our easy to use role management.

Deploy iStreams to a select group of users or deploy to all by role.

Deploy iStreams to non-CRM On Demand users. Users need only have access to Gmail.

Deploy language translations by role, allowing your users to work in their preferred language.

iLink Manage iStream Access