iLink Power Grid (26 Mar 2017)

We are pleased to make available a new feature to all iLink users - Power Grid.  Power grid provides a host of features for managing your data right from within iLink

Access Power Grid

1) go to the address bar in Chrome and type crm <tab> <enter>.  This will open an empty Power Grid.


2) use a shortcut form the shortcuts tab.  This will open an empty Power Grid.

iLink PowerGridShortcut


3) Run any Omni Search and type <enter>.  

iLink Omni Activated

This will open the Power Grid with the results of the omni search.

iLink Omni Activated

Power Grid Search

Power grid offers a 2 search options

1) Text query

2) Drag and Drop Builder

Text Query

In the Search Box enter a search followed by <enter> - All of the same searches are supported from OMNI Search.  The default search is Contact Name.

For a full list of the search options see Here


The Builder is accessed by opening "Edit Mode" by clicking on the Edit button.

 iLink PowerGridShortcut

An Empty Builder will Open.

iLink PowerGrid Builder Empty

Select a Record Type to Build your query on


iLink PowerGrid Builder Select Object


Drag Fields from the List to the Query Builder Field, Filter and Sort Areas


iLink PowerGrid Builder Drag Item

Set your Filters - Filters limit the results returned (this is optional you can return all records).  To set a filter click on the Filter Field and update the fields in the "Filter Details" on the right-hand-side.


iLink PowerGrid Builder Filter

Set your Sorts - Sorts control the order in which the results are displayed (this is optional).  To set a sort click on the Sort Field and update the fields in the "Sort Details" on the right-hand-side.

iLink PowerGrid Builder Sort

Once the query is built - run the query by click on the "Run (F9)" Menu or by enerting the <F9> key.  The query will run and the results will be returned.

iLink PowerGrid Builder Sort


You can edit your builder query and re-run as required.

Save a Builder Query

iLink PowerGrid Save Query

Load a Builder Query

iLink PowerGrid Load Search

Reset Builder

To Reset the Builder on the "New" Menu.  To clear the builder and close it click on the "Clear and Reset" button.

iLink PowerGridShortcut

Working with Power Grid Result Data

The Power Grid supports a number of key features to allow quick and easy maintenance of data

1) InGrid Editing - where available fields can be edited in the Result Grid

2) Mass Update - where an edit is made a records field, the same edit can be applied to multiple other records

3) Delete - records can be deleted from the grid

4) Export - all data from the Power Grid can be exported to excel.

InGrid Editing

Editable FIelds are Blue in Color.  Hovering your mouse over the field displays the message "This field can be edited.  Click on it to enter Edit mode".

iLink PowerGrid Edit Field

Click on the target field

iLink PowerGrid Edit Field Changing

Edit the text in the input box and when done press the <enter> key or click outside of the field anywhere on the page.  Any changes made to the field will be saved to Sales Cloud.

Note: to cancel a change press the <esc> key.

iLink PowerGrid Edit Fields Changed

The update is saved and the Grid now displays the updated value.

Mass Update

To perform a Mass Update you must first make an update to any record in the Grid.  Following the update the "Mass Update" menu is displayed.  In the above screenshots you can see that before the edit is made the Mass Update menu is not Available.  Following the update the menu is displayed.

Select the records that you would like to Mass Update with the selection checkboxes in the first column of the Grid.

iLink PowerGrid Edit Fields Changed

Click on the "Mass Update" menu.  The Grid data will be updated.


To perform a delete - run a query to return a result set from which the deletion is to be made.  Select the record/s to be deleted.  

iLink PowerGrid Delete Before

Click on the "Delete" menu.  The record/s will be deleted.

iLink PowerGrid Delete During

The Query will re-run - the records will be now gone.

iLink PowerGrid Delete After


To export the Grid Results click on the "Export" menu.  To select which results to export select records with the Selection checkbox before clicking on the "Export" menu.

Your results will be converted to an Excel csv file and downloaded.